Yes... I am a Super Fan....

So, last night I managed to get packed up at Greenwich Market as quick as possible and then jumped on the Tube to South Kensington, wandered along the museum streets to the beautiful Royal Albert Hall….

Photo 29-09-2018, 13 55 26.jpg
Photo 29-09-2018, 19 21 29.jpg

They were showing Jurassic Park… Live in concert. Basically, the film with a full, live orchestra.

To say I was in my element is an understatement… I forget that I so seem to know all the lines in that film!

And what better excuse (like I need one!) to wear my gorgeous Mary Jane’s Originals Jurassic park skirt with my Clever Girl necklace(who doesn’t love a Raptor?)

Skirt - Mary Jane’s Originals

Necklace - US!

Hannah Richardson