New Scientist Live

Well… its been a busy old month…. what with the shop opening, moving the workshop and getting ready for our very first time trading at New Scientist Live!

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It wasn't a Comic Con… so new territory for us! (scary… but fun all at the same time)

So I started with designing a few new pieces! I had some ideas in mind…things I had sketched out a while back so this was the perfect excuse to get them finished.

a good while ago I went to the Science Museum to see the Soyuz capsule. I was struck by the colour…a gorgeous coppery bronze (which I had found the perfect acrylic for!) but also the canopy! The orange and white canopy is quite iconic so I thought it would make a great statement piece.

I also have quite an obsession with the Curiosity Rover… I don't know why. I just adore the story, and I followed its landing (which was stunning) I just love what we can achieve as a species when we actually work together… So I had always wanted to make a Curiosity necklace (mainly for me!)

So… we arrived at the ExCel Wednesday afternoon to set up our booth (and very quickly learnt that the special velco pads I had bought don't stick to booth walls…) but dispite that we were all ready to go Thursday morning!

Thursday and Friday were a nice steady pace (I even managed to see a Lecture at the Cosmos stage…) but all the previous exhibitors warned us that Saturday was the busy day… and they weren't wrong!

We met some really interesting people, from planetary scientists to engineers… even got a glimpse of Tim Peake as he walked past our booth with a camera crew (Big R had her head under the table and missed it!) From all of these chats I have some new ideas for next years show… yes we’ve already rebooked!

Photo 24-09-2018, 22 14 41.jpg

Equations dress - Silly Old Sea Dog

Curiosity Necklace - US!

Hannah Richardson