Nineworlds 2018


Such a lovely atmosphere, its a joy to trade there…

This year we squeezed onto a little table in the middle of the Vendors room and spent the three days chatting with the other lovely Vendors and attendees.

Photo 10-08-2018, 17 05 03.jpg

We also launched our new Cabin Pressure range (Im slightly obsessed..) and was thrilled to learn there were more fans out there than just me! Met a fab Arthur Cosplayer too (who sadly lost their travelling lemon during the con…I still live in hope it will travel on and appear next year!) Next year I am also definitely going to set up a travelling lemon game through out the Con….

Photo 11-08-2018, 15 03 02.jpg

We also sponsored our very first Con event… The Cheese and Cheese evening…. we created, the now called ‘Medallion of Cheese. for the reader to wear whilst reading their favourite Cheesey fiction. We were thrilled to have sponsored this fun event!

Photo 11-08-2018, 18 29 40.jpg

All in all, another fun Nineworlds weekend… and with all their organisational changes happening this year I really hope for many more years trading at Nineworlds.

My Skirt - Made by Big R with fabric from Miss Gingers Fabric Shop

My Jewellery - US!

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Hannah Richardson